First thing to be aware of is that Refund should ONLY be done if you HAVE closed the batch. If you have NOT closed the batch you should do a SALE VOID the customer (located above on how do I void a sale?)

Secondly, you must have the card or card number in order to do a refund, or call 1-877-740-3188 for assistance.

On the main page of your terminal (with Sale, Pre-auth, Pre-auth Comp, etc.) there is an option that says REFUND. To get to this, press F1 to scroll UP and F3 to scroll DOWN. Once highlighted REFUND, press the green OK button. Your terminal will then ask you to enter your manager password.

1. First must clarify if it is a DEBIT (F1) or CREDIT (F3) Sale.
2. It will then ask for the refund amount that you are refunding to the card
3. Then you have the option the Swipe or Key in the Card number
4. A receipt will print from the terminal showing that the proof of payment has been refunded. The terminal will print one receipt for the customer and another for the merchant.

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